The dreaded back and neck pain, how to deal with it? Learn it here.

Office workers, drivers, and people who are always focusing on their jobs may have experienced or have suffered back and neck pains during or after work. It is very common among people who work so hard or spending a lot of time standing or sitting.

The back pain can range from a mild all the way to being dull, and annoying ache that connects to your neck which escalates to more severe and disabling pain. This kind of pain will surely hinder you from moving normally and could affect your normal functioning and quality of life that is why you should find a way to treat this condition by consulting to a healthcare professional if you cannot stand the pain anymore.

Also, there are different causes of your neck pain and one of the most common is in the area of the cervical vertebrae in your neck which the location and the range of it are often unprotected or holds a lot of weight from your head making it susceptible to injuries.

The pain that you experience on your back and neck area can be acute but can be intense in some instances, and this can even become chronic that could last for weeks, months and even years if left untreated.

Causes of back and neck pain

Even how advanced the medical science is today, there are still a lot of doctors and health experts are left baffled on why it is very difficult to determine the cause of your neck and back pain, and a lot of cases, the pain may have different contributing factors, reasons, and another diagnosis.

However, the most common causes of neck and back pain are as follows; overuse of these areas, undergoing strenuous activity, improper posture and use, repetitive heavy lifting, trauma, injury, and even fractures if worse case happens. Another causes can be the degenerating vertebrae which is caused by stressed muscles and ligaments that serves as the main support tissues of your spine, and also aging is a big contributing factor to back and neck pains.

This could also be a sign of infection or an abnormal growth of a tumor or a bone spur in the affected area while obesity can also be one good because of it since your spine has to carry excess weight and adds more pressure to your discs, and also, you have poor muscle tone, muscle tension or spasm, muscle strain, muscle tear, torn ligament, and arthritis.

Treating neck and back pain

For quick relief and prevention for your back and neck pain, you can use cold packs and take anti-inflammatory medicine if the pain persists for three days. You can switch from cold packs to hot compressing the affected area, or if you have time, do some stretching, walk upright, sit properly, or move your body a bit, or loosen up because that might be just tightened muscles that needs a good blood circulation and stretching, but the most recommended way to treat it is to consult a doctor because the pain that occurs in your back and neck may be some symptoms to a more serious illness or click this link for a more advanced treatment that you can have.