The Difference Between Losing Weight And Losing Fat

To some, it might be a bit weird to hear that reducing your fat is not the same as you losing weight. It all comes down to what happens to your fat cells. So, if you are interested in whether you should have a certain procedure done or start with a regular diet and exercise, this article might help.

However, if you already know the procedure you want to get, you should choose a reputable clinic first. For example, you can have many great fat removing procedures done at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, as well as other good clinics. So, make sure that you do proper research before just randomly choosing one of the given clinics in your area.

With good exercise and diet you can achieve your dream look

What you need to know

While losing fat will make your fat cells smaller, they will not really disappear. This means that you have a bigger chance of regaining that weight back if you return to the bad eating habits. The number of fat cells that you have is a usually a fixed number that becomes permanent in our teen years.

Once you lose or gain weight, the number of fat cells will neither increase nor decrease. Instead of that, the fat cells will change their size, which is how your body seems slimmer. Many people are still not aware of this fact, but this does not mean that you should not start exercising and eating healthy.

So keep in mind, after you have been on a diet and weight loss, your fat cells will get smaller but they will not decrease in number. The same goes for when you gain weight, your fat cells will get bigger, hence why you also look bigger.

How about a procedure?

If you are interested in having your fat cells completely removed, you should opt for the coolsculpting procedure; check out coolsculpting Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne if you are interested, but keep in mind that this is not the only procedure that will help remove the fat from your body. However, coolsculpting is a noninvasive approach that does a good job.

The Coolsculpting tool is used as a fat freeze machine, that will do just that. It will freeze your fat cells on a particular area that you want to lose fat in. After the cells are completely frozen, your doctor will manually massage the area or use radio waves to break the frozen fat cells and help them disappear. This procedure will reduce the number of fat cells you have about 20%.

Get rid of stubborn fat in certain areas of your body with Coolsculpting

Fat cells after fat foods

Once you have eaten fat foods, it will travel through your digestive system and then reach your liver. The processed fat is the source of energy in your body, while the excess fat will be stored in your cells, and they will inevitably get bigger.

Fat cells after coolsculpting treatment

Your body has a fixed number of cells, but that can be changed with this procedure. When you have the coolsculpting procedure, your gat cells are frozen and then they will die. In this process, the fat cells will collapse, and over the weeks of this procedure, the dead fat cells will be consumed, and that is naturally eliminated and processed from the body.

Final word

However, keep in mind that Coolsculpting procedure is not meant to help you lose weight, this is a procedure usually performed on people who want to get rid of stubborn fat in a particular area. If you want to have the overall slimmer look, you should start with a proper diet and exercise instead.