Rehabs – A trained facility for treating Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

It is said that intoxication of any type is not good for body as it impairs your rational thinking and affects your body negatively. Alcoholism and drug addiction are two real social problems that mankind is facing which affect the overall wellbeing of the individuals. People once addicted to these psychotropic, intoxicating substances find it really hard to stop using them and therefore need a specialized treatment programs to help them get out of the alcoholism and drug addiction. Rehab, Real Hope Recovery, is the center that offers various specialized program options to treat alcoholism and drug addiction.

How it works at a Rehab?

  • Detoxification:

Most of the treatment programs have detoxification as the first step. Detoxification means removing all the toxins from the body and this cleansing process involve removal of psychotropic substances also that individual has been using. The individual is closely monitored and kept under observation as the detoxification process is also characterized by severe withdrawal symptoms that may prove fatal sometimes. To help the individual cope with the withdrawal symptoms, certain medications are administered. This detoxification phase usually takes around 3 weeks to complete, however it may get extended depending on the individual.

  • Assessment:

Post-detoxification process, a formal assessment is carried out to find out the best suitable treatments. As alcoholism and drug addiction affects physical as well as mental state of the individual, the treatment options are recommended to initiate a holistic recovery of mind and body. For instance, alcoholism leads to change in chemical structure of the brain and may lead to mental disorder apart from physical disorder like liver failure. Therefore, a comprehensive treatment program needs to be formulated on case to case basis to restore sound mind and body.

  • Psychotherapy:

Individuals affected with alcoholism and drug addiction are offered group counselling as well as individual counselling to bring a positive behavioral change in them. Such a behavioral therapy helps the individuals to realize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and motivates them to say no to alcohol and drugs and to make them realize that they can get rid of alcoholism and drugs, and behave and live like a normal being.