Pros and Cons of free weights and machines for gym training

No matter your fitness level, toning and strengthening requires stepping off the treadmill and doing some lifting. To transform your body, you need a good mix of training at the gym. That includes cardio AND weight training. Don’t let the collection of free weights and machines in the gym send you back to your cardio comfort zone. Just the pros and cons

Free weight pros

Free weights include dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, ankle weights and barbells. They challenge you to use only your bodyweight to create motions with them. The biggest advantages of using free weights are their versatility and flexibility. You can do many different exercises and work several muscles in the same set.

Free weight cons

To take advantage of the variety of free weight workouts, you have to know what you are doing. The workouts rely more on your body and brain. The weights in the workout gym don’t have instructions on them like machines do. You also need the physical strength to control your movements and keep good form. That makes using free weights less secure too.

Machine pros

Machines enclose the weights with some sort of handle, arm rest or seat. They also have helpers like pins, lifters, and guides. These along with the instructions on the machine make them easier to use and master your form. This can help you during your learning and growth process. When you’re new to weights or switching to heavier ones, this option is slightly more secure.

Machine cons

Machines concentrate on certain target areas, making them less versatile than free weights. It could be easier to lose interest since you can’t change up the workout. Depending on the South Carolina gym, there could also be less weight machines to go around than free weights.

Both can be a good tool for strength training depending on your level and goals. If it takes a weight machine as a security blanket to get started, go for it. Just remember to use free weights to transition into a more challenging routine. When you want to test the waters with stretching yourself or do a light workout, the weight machines will be there.