Making Of Custom Orthotics

While a lot of people today are quite familiar with custom orthotics and all of the benefits that they give, people rarely know how they are made. This article is going to quickly go over the complete process of how a single pair of custom-made orthotics is created.

  1. The casting

The first and the most important step that is taken during the making of custom orthotics is the part where the podiatrist asks you to step into the mold so they can get a “copy” of your feet which is going to be used for the rest of the process.

As you are asked to step out of the mold, the orthotics aren’t immediately going to be made. It usually takes some time for the mold to harden, and once that happens, then the rest of the process can begin. If you have a feeling that you need custom orthotics, you can check out Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, or a podiatrist in the area that has a good reputation based on the customer feedback.

How orthotics should fit a foot

  1. Lab work

Once the mold is completely hardened, the cast of your feet is going to be transferred to the laboratory. There, a professional is going to create a cast that will later be hardened under extreme heat. Because the orthotics are custom-made for your feet, there is no room for error because otherwise, they would be like any other orthotics that you can just purchase over the counter.

  1. Adding materials

Once the cast hardens for the second time, it is time to add the materials which are going to make the cast durable This part can include all kinds of materials, but the ones that are used commonly are plastics and graphite. After the cast gets coated by those materials, it is once again coated by silicone, crepers, or ethyl-vinyl cetates.

  1. Custom modifications

Because custom orthotics are made for you specifically, there are some extra details put into the craftsmanship. The one who is in charge of making your orthotics will usually consider your weight, and they will make sure that the orthotics serve you for a long time.

Many podiatrists usually skip out on this part, but it is extremely crucial. Sometimes the orthotics just won’t be able to handle the weight, even if they fit your foot perfectly, and it is quite unfortunate if they snap. In case you are looking for a reputable podiatry, then you should check out someone with the best custom orthotics Sydney like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, or a similar podiatry office in your area.

Depending on your condition, the orthotics are going to receive some editing

  1. Picking them up

Every good podiatrist will let you test out the orthotics before they charge you for them. Quite often people will simply take the orthotics and not even try them on. By telling the podiatrist if something is not feeling right, your orthotics can be either edited or if that is not possible, the whole process should be repeated as bad orthotics will only worsen your condition.

Final Word

Custom orthotics have helped out a lot of people already, and while some doctors and podiatrist are skeptical about them, that is probably because they didn’t really have the chance to experience the perfect pair. It takes a lot of skill to make the perfect custom orthotics, and that is why you should only purchase them from podiatrists that have good reputation