Factors That Keep You Smoking

There are a number of factors that keep you smoking even when you think of natural ways to quit smoking. It is essential to know what these factors are, so that you can eliminate them. When you do so, then you could finally quit smoking. The factors are peer influence, force of habit, addiction, constant exposure and poor quitting plans.

Peer Influence

It is probably your peers who got you into the smoking habit in the first place. You wanted to belong or even to show them that you could deviate from social norms. If you continue keeping the company of people who smoke and think the habit is great, you will never quit. Moreover, if you still feel that your smoking is making a desired impression on people, you will continue smoking. The first thing to get rid of is company that keeps you smoking.

Force of Habit

Even when your friends who got you into smoking have long gone, you will still be left with the habit. You will want to take you puff whenever you get the chance. It is not easy to get rid of a habit that you have developed over a long time. In order to break the habit, you should stop going to the places where you usually smoke. If you are the type who smokes at home, have something else, like chewing gum, to toss into your mouth every time you feel like smoking. One habit can replace another.


You are already addicted to tobacco smoke. That is why you experience the urge to indulge in it every time. The best way of fighting addiction is delayed gratification. If you feel like going for a puff, do something else instead until the strong urge goes away. This will include sleeping, jogging, dancing or even going to church. When you keep doing this, the urge will recede slowly.

Constant Exposure

Having cigarettes readily available makes you smoke a lot. If you constantly go to shops and bars where cigarettes are sold, you will succumb to the urge quite often. So stay away from such places as much as possible. With time, you will find yourself able to go a day, then a week, then a month, without visiting such places. With that you will drastically reduce your urge, and ultimately quit smoking.

Poor Quitting Plans

A plan on quitting smoking that involves only you will rarely succeed. It works better if you tell others that you are trying to quit. Many people will give you support by encouraging you and participate in your alternative activities to smoking. Someone will ask you to go swimming or playing tennis any time you feel like smoking. They will also remind you of your resolve every time you slip. However, remember that it is your own resolve that will ultimately see you through. If you keep relapsing, the people around will finally give up on you.

You Can Quit

By breaking pitfalls such as peer influence, force of habit, addiction, constant exposure and bad quitting plans, you can finally succeed in quitting smoking. Try it and see.