Benefits of Using Body Butter

After a tedious and long workout especially on a hot day, you will notice that your skin feels uncomfortable and my start developing some cracks. To mitigate this challenge, you can apply body butter on your skin immediately after taking a shower which will keep it moisturized ensuring your comfort. The butter helps seal in the moisture which is already in your skin hence should be applied on a slightly moist skin for maximum benefits.  Notably, butter melts upon contact with warm skin and is absorbed quickly giving an immediate hydrating and healing effect. Below are the top five benefits of using body butter.

Moisturizing Effect

Whatever you slather or rub on your skin can either have a beneficial or harmful effect. As such, it is good to know the composition of the products you are using to avoid negative consequences. Fortunately, if you opt for natural butter, your safety is guaranteed since they contain natural ingredients which are beneficial to the skin. Once applied on the skin, they trap in the already existing moisture and considering that they last longer than lotions, you will enjoy the moisturizing effect for a more extended period.

Skin Protection

Once applied, the butter forms a protective layer over the skin which protects you from elements such as winter weather, hot sun, and free radicals in the dry air. Markedly, the skin already has a natural barrier, but it is not thick enough to keep all the harmful elements at bay. In this regard, the application of butter is considered as an additional layer of protection.

Have Skin Nourishing Vitamins

Regardless of the type of butter you choose, they all have omega 3 fats which are highly beneficial to the body. These fats have a high moisturizing effect, and they also help in calming inflammation. Some kinds of butter will also contain several vitamins such as A, E, and F which helps improve the hair and skin. Also, the presence of different acids which include linolenic, palmitic, stearic, and oleic will boost the production of natural collagen which consequently protects the skin and prevents it from drying.

Makes the Skin Softer

After applying butter on your body, the skin will become supple and soft since the cream removes the cracked and dry skin and boosts the growth of healthier and smoother skin. This is highly beneficial for those suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.


The body butter is not only good for your skin, but it is also considerably cheap.Furthermore, you will not have to struggle to get access to your butter of choice since they are spread across all local drug stores, and you can also get them online.

If you are getting uncomfortable nights due to dry skin, consider using butter to help keep the skin moisturized. The body cream will also protect your skin from harmful weather elements keeping you healthy.